Our goal.

Acquire businesses in the healthcare industry that offer mission critical products or services that aren’t core to their customers’ offering, yet add unnecessary complexity to the work they do. Offering these services on an outsourced basis will allow our partners to focus on the care they provide and improve patient outcomes.

Our approach is to invest in the world’s most innovative problem solvers, from the entities we acquire to the teammates who make it all happen. We are looking for:

  • Med Device
  • Pharma
  • Packaging
  • Supply Chain
  • Lab

Leaders in their market

Businesses with the ability to solve complex problems and demonstrate leadership among their peers.

Providers of a mission critical product or service

Providing of a mission critical but non-core product or service to their customers. Assisting customers to focus on their core mission.

Companies that prioritize safety and quality

Share our philosophy that safety and quality go hand-in-hand and reflect that value through company culture and processes.

Companies committed to a trajectory of growth

Have a proven track record of growth along with an appetite to leverage new capital to continue expansion and progress.

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